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How it works

Introducing Exclusive Lead Territories

Get Exclusive Leads that Convert at 80%+ into Sales Appointments in Your Local Market. Our clients are offered a lead territory exclusive and marketing system for their business that converts leads at an average of 80%-90% into Sales Appointments. Our goal is to create the most sophisticated, customer focused strategy that works for YOUR market. We are dedicated to your company and continuously improve our performance month after month. You will be the only client we represent in your market and will never compete for the leads we generate. Guaranteed.

We Create Your Lead Strategy Together

IdeaLocal goes through a very in-depth discovery phase to identify the best opportunities for your company to begin targeting a specific audience hand picked by you. We investigate your market, competitors and current customer base in detail to ensure the most effective lead generation strategy possible.

We Automate Your Digital Sales Process

Once your strategy is designed, our engineers get to work developing your automation strategy. Our automation strategy is the difference between poor lead generation and highly qualified lead generation. This also opens up a whole new opportunity as automation can increase lead generation by 80%.

Deliver Appointment Ready Leads

Our goal is simple. When we deliver a lead to your company, that lead should convert to an appointment 90% of the time or more. Our goal is to nurture your digital leads and ensure they're pre-qualified before delivering them to your inbox. When we deliver leads, they should be the most qualified leads you have.

Continuously Grow & Improve Results

The beautiful thing about digital lead generation is that it becomes highly scalable. Once we identify your markets best strategies, we can expand upon them to identify new lead opportunities you may never have thought of. This leads to a constantly growing pool of qualified leads.

Our Goal For Your Project is Your Goal for Your Business
Your agency should never stick you into a box and say here's what we can do for you without getting to completely understand what you do, why you do it and what your plans are for your Kitchen & Bath Remodeling company for the upcoming years. Starting an engagement off that way is a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, 99% of agencies do just that. They may say they don't, but they do. They are trying to get you to buy into their idea of marketing. We'd rather create a marketing plan that meets your vision as a company.

Why Kitchen & Bath Companies Choose IdeaLocal?

Aside from the obvious factor that no one understands the Kitchen & Bath lead generation market better,
There are many more reasons why IdeaLocal beats our competition without a single hard sale.

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