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Do You Qualify

Qualify for an Exclusive Territory of Kitchen & Bath Leads

First off, why do we qualify businesses to become our clients?

We Represent ONE Kitchen & Bath Company per Market to Ensure Exclusive Leads. Therefore, We Want to Ensure Our Clients Are Ready to Service & Handle the Leads We Generate.

It's really quite simple. We realized long ago that not all clients are created equally the same way all agencies are not created equally. We decided to deploy a qualification process to ensure that every company we represent is in the best position to server the leads generated, maximize the digital marketing strategy and is built to effectively take on this level of strategy. By ensuring our clients fall into strict guidelines, we're able to ensure an effective relationship and client/agency engagement every time. It works better for you, as well as us.


$1-10MM + Annually

Projects Per Year


Physical Location

Client's MUST have a physical Showroom

Job Role

Owner or Marketing/Sales Director
All qualified businesses are eligible for a complete strategy planning session. Once you apply you are sent the strategy survey and our team begins working on a proposal built for your market immediately.

Our Goal For Your Project is Your Goal for Your Business

Your agency should never stick you into a box and say here's what we can do for you without getting to completely understand what you do, why you do it and what your plans are for your Kitchen & Bath Remodeling company for the upcoming years. Starting an engagement off that way is a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, 99% of agencies do just that. They may say they don't, but they do. They are trying to get you to buy into their idea of marketing. We'd rather create a marketing plan that meets your vision as a company.