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3 Issues Affecting Local SEO for Multi-Location Businesses
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May 4, 2016
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May 5, 2016
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3 Issues Affecting Local SEO for Multi-Location Businesses

Who would have thought that the relative ease with which business can cross borders can actually create headaches for multi-location businesses when it comes to local SEO? Advanced technology has made the world smaller and the marketplace more competitive. With information at everyone’s reach companies try harder to be visible, making sure that when potential customers search for products or services, their brand will easily stand out.

The Importance of Local SEO

Giants in business cannot afford to ignore local searches . In 2014 alone, a staggering 57% of consumers used the search function to find local businesses near their areas for more than 6 times within a year. The BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey 2014 only shows the tip of the iceberg, with a Google report showing “near me” searches increasing by more than 34 times since 2011. It is not surprising that 80% of these searches come from mobile users.

The rise of mobile internet access plays a great part on this rising trend.  As consumers become more mobile, preferring the use of their smartphones, local visibility becomes more critical. Many single-location businesses are reaping the rewards of having strong local presence. Many multi-location businesses are finding it difficult to obtain stellar local rankings. What must these companies do to get a bigger slice of the local pie?

Hindrances to Visibility

Below are 3 key issues why businesses fail to achieve strong local search visibility:

  1. Common Website Issues

A company’s website is key to online presence and visibility; being the face that welcomes customers to their door. Make sure that your page is unique and well-optimized for a great user experience, as well as delivers information that the user needs. This means that websites should easily load, have more unique content and have discoverable location pages that Google can index.

Check that the company webpage provides complete information that helps customers  contact your business in a breeze. Common details such as a map where the local store can be found, specific local information like opening hours, and relevant links must be easily found.

  1. Using Google My Business

Google lays down the rules for local searches and companies have to completely understand these to achieve success. Make sure that the company name is the exact name of the business, regardless of location. Phone numbers, addresses and business profile must be complete and accurate. For multi-location businesses, remain consistent in using categories and always provide local numbers and URL links that are relevant to each locale.

  1. Using Local Content

Connecting the business with the local community is crucial. Provide location-specific information that will show local integration such as local news, geo-tagged photos in galleries, client lists and testimonials and local customer reviews. These will aid Google in trusting the business as specific in a local level, and this translates to higher local rankings.

Championing Your Cause

Establishing a strong on-site presence is crucial for multi-location businesses. Most local SEO are often problems in scale that must be addressed. Ensuring that website issues are fixed, Google My Business, and customer reviews are integrated in the local level will improve visibility in local searches.

We fully understand the importance of a strong brand and market presence. Connect with us and learn how our team of professionals can bolster your search visibility. We can help you achieve your goals today.

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